The most beautiful and tasty… orchid

The most beautiful and tasty… orchid

Mmmm ... vanilla! Both adults and children like this sweet aroma. We are very fond of it too, so one of by-cosmetics facial scrubs is called… Vanilla Sky  This amazing product distinguish by extra rich creamy vanilla flavour, because of “double vanilla” in its composition. We put there an extract and seeds powder, as the strongest scent is in the seeds and oily liquid inside of the pods. What is this plant?

Vanilla is a perennial liana of the Orchidaceae family, the only orchid that bears fruit. This exquisite spice was born in Central America, where Aztec tribes cultivated it long before the arrival of the Hernándo Cortés conquistadors to the New World. Then Spanish sailors brought vanilla to Europe, and aristocracy relished it so much that decision was taken to cultivate this plant in all equatorial colonial possessions.

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That was how vanilla came to Indonesia. In 2015 this country ranks #2 internationally as an exporter of this marvelous vine. The largest plantations are located on Java island, it is literally next door to Bali. When we were looking for ingredients suppliers for our "Vanilla Sky", we got to one of these plantations and saw with our own eyes… the process of hand pollination of orchid flowers. Yes, that’s true: for more than four hundred years in all countries where vanilla has been delivered painstaking job has conducted on the plantations: the farmers gently move one flower up to another and shake the pollen with brushes. The fact that in the wildlife these beautiful flowers are pollinated by just one species of bees living in South America, the motherland of vanilla. In addition, the complexity of the process compounds the high cost of production: unripe fruits are harvested by hand, at the time when they turn yellow and contain about 80% water. In this period, the plant contains the maximum amount of essential oils, which give it aroma and taste. Thereafter pods are blanched putting them into the hot but not boiling water for 20 seconds, and the next day the fermentation process begins - by the way, only then pods are getting dark brown and the very same flavor. A freshly harvested fruits do not smell. During the whole month farmworkers take the harvest out under the sun rays strictly by the hour, slowly increasing the time of these sun bathes every day. A handsome piece of work, isn’t it?
Of course, in chase of easy money, manufacturers are tempted to simplify and, therefore, reduce the cost of this technology. In this case, at the output off-the-pag pods loose some flavor.

But we couldn’t allow our future suppliers such carelessness and finally found a plantation where management does not skimp on the process. Moreover, in this place we discovered a particular, the most refined, expensive and flavorful variety of vanilla – Vanilla planifolia with beautiful long pods. And that what we chose as a special ingredient for renewed Vanilla Sky. Now favorite aroma has become even stronger! Just lift up the lid, and the sweet "dessert" fragrance literally start to make your mouth water...

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Well, what are the other benefits of using vanilla as an ingredient of our scrub? Vanilla extract is a great tool that supports skin health. It relieves irritation and itching, has a local anesthetic effect and relaxing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Using scrub regularly softens the skin, restoring its elasticity, removes the sheen from oily skin, and makes dry skin soft keeping moisture within the cells.

Sweet and warm scent eliminates fatigue, nervous strain and stress. Many people, especially women, accustomed to the fact that they can get rid of tense anxiety in an easiest way – just eating sweets. In this case, people not only gain the weight, but also a lot of chronic ailments. Use the Vanilla Sky facial scrub: sweets will not be necessary, and even sweet craving grows weak, because the aroma of exotic spices awakens joy and sense of fullness. The flavour of "Vanilla Sky" relaxes the body, has a slight stimulant effect and suppresses negative emotions such as anger, rage, anger, awakening imagination, creativity and lust for life.

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